The project Manzi Rada (Girls be ready) seeks to raise awarness about the Global Development Goals and encourage women´s participation. Watch the video: A STRONG WOMAN IS VERY IMPORTANT.


With the Citizen Participation Intervention ‘Manzi Rada’, Nafsi and Spor Media will combine arts and the Global Development Goals in order to contribute to awareness raising and to improve the life opportunities of young participants – mainly young women – in Kenya. The project seeks to teach music to young girls from the slum and raises awareness of gender equality and girls’ rights. As part of the awareness raising some of the youngsters will tour in Kenya and in Denmark / Europe. Se Global kids

Project period in Kenya: 2019 – 2020.

The project is supported by CISU (Civil Society in Development).

 Being a young person in Nairobi’s slum you are constantly faced with the challenges of early pregnancies, irresponsible sexual behaviours, drugs and gang lifestyles. It requires psychic strength and alternative options to resist the easy and short-sighted solutions and pressure of peers. As expressed by Nafsi’s Project Manager, Joel Kirambo:

The slums are home to crime, drugs and immense immorality, and surviving as a youth is amongst the most challenging experiences in life”. While young men often are victims of gang violence, adolescent girls and young women face pervasive threat of forced sex and sexual violence. (Manzi Rada – project description)  

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