With Global Stay Tours you get to meet young people from Kenya or Bolivia on a digital study trip. You can stay at home and still get insights into some of the most important challenges that young people in other parts of the world experience. Through digital connections, you get in touch with a group of selected young people in Kenya or in Bolivia. During the “trip” they will be your cultural guides and introduce you to life in the slums (Kenya) or in a poor neighborhood (Bolivia). This will provide you with insights into the consequences of shutting down a society due to a pandemic, or what happens when climate change leads to a rise in food prices.

Want to know more about how to participate in a Global Stay Tour? Send us an e-mail at spor@spormedia.dk

Global Stay Tour is part of CulPeer4Change
Global Stay Tour is a part of CulPeer4Change –  a network supported by the EU.  The collaboration focuses on developing “Cultural Peer-learning for Development Education”.

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