With Global Stay Tours you are going on a digital study trip to meet young cultour-guides from Kenya or Bolivia. 

Experience everyday life, and some of the challenges young people face in other parts of the world, with Global Stay Tours. You will travel to Kenya or Bolivia via digital connections and be welcomed by young people from our partner organisations Nafsi Africa and Teatro Trono – these young people will be your cultour-guides on your trip and introduce you to life in a slum area (Kenya) or a poor barrio (Bolivia). Together you will investigate issues such as climate change, responsible consumption, gender equality and other Global Goals-challenges. 


“It was the best trip without actually being there – we experienced a feeling of unity even though we weren’t physically together” 

Student from Osted Efterskole



A digital study trip from the classroom, where the focus is to foster meaningful connections to other young people. 



Leave your current worries regarding the coronavirus and climate footprints behind, and set on a journey to get to know a new part of the world. 



Together we will plan your Global Stay Tour so that it suits your level of knowledge, interests and wishes.



Want to know more about how to participate in a Global Stay Tour? Send us an e-mail at

En del af CulPeer4Change Global Stay Tour is a part of CulPeer4Change –  a network supported by the EU.  The collaboration focuses on developing “Cultural Peer-learning for Development Education”.

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