Sound Tracks of Life – Moussa Diallo on base

”SOUND TRACKS of life – Moussa Diallo on bass” is a dramatic tale about daring to pursue your dream and, despite of success, being confronted with deep childhood betrayal. It is the story of friendship and relationships, about being able to forgive and to seek reconciliation.

The film takes us on an unusual journey – from the desert of Mali to the funky Seventies and the cool pop of the Eighties, from Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King to danish bands like ”Marquis De Sade” and to the famous sound of Mali,  – it is a modern Odyssey with Moussa Diallo as the guiding star.

(2015, 72 min.) Director: Helle Toft Jensen, producer: Helle Ulsteen, editor: Morten Giese, B-editor: Oskar Fanta m.fl. Produced by Spor Media and Kamoli Films. (The Danish Film Institute, DRTV)

The Danish Film Institute  – about the film


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“Experience Ærø – an energy island” is a short film about the danish island Ærø and the Municipality of Ærø´s initiatives in the energy sector.

The film is produced in collaboration with the Municipality of Ærø. 

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The big transition

The film is produced in collaboration with the Eco Council as part of an educational program about the danish energy transition. 

(2015. 12 min.) Director and director of photography: Helle Toft Jensen. Editor: Oskar Fanta

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Breaking Barriers

“Breaking Barriers” was created when a group of young actors from Teatro Trono (Bolivia) was touring Denmark as part of Spor Media’s project Global Kids. The film is directed by Shezenia Hannover and Anahí, two young filmmakers from Spor Media’s Miradas Juveniles project in Bolivia.

(2013, 29 min) Director: Shezenia Hannover and Anahi Machicado, producer: Torben Vosbein


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The rainbow project 

The rainbow project is an inspirational film about the education of arts in Mali. The film is produced in collaboration with musician / composer / cultural actor: Moussa Diallo, who initiated the project. 

(2012. 26 min / 9 min) Director and director of photography : Helle Toft Jensen. Editor: Oskar Fanta


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The director / The Lioness / The business woman

3 short films about the charismatic film producer and director Valerie Kaboré, from Burkina Faso, – produced in collaboration with Danicom and Danida. 

( 2009, 3 x 6 min) Director and director of photography: Helle Toft Jensen, editor: Oskar Fanta

Watch “The Director” (danish)

Watch “The Lioness” (danish) 

Watch “The Business Woman”  (danish) 

Watch: The film director (6 min)

Last chapter – the process of aging

A film about the author and doctor Tage Voss and the process of aging.  

( 2008. 29 min.) Director: Gunvor Bjerre, photo: Henrik Kloch, producer: Helle Toft Jensen, editor: Yrsa Wedel, music: Anders Eriksen, Gunni Torp, mix/colorgrade Oskar Fanta.

Watch the film (29 min) (danish)

Hotel of Dreams

After 25 years, Jeannot Da Silva returns to Senegal to realise his childhood dream of building a hotel in the heart of the coastal village of Popenguinewith. 

(2005, 59min /52). Director: Helle Toft Jensen, producer: Signe Byrge Sørensen, editor: Niels Pagh Andersen. Produced by Spor Media. (DRTV, Arte, RTBF, TSR, YLE and ETV, The Danish Film Institute). Selected for IDFA and a number of other festivals and sold to TV in many countries.

The Danish Film Institute  – about the film

Read the articel: The long journey home


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“With fingers on stems”

In collaboration with Dansk Blindesamfund, regarding their international solidarity campaign.

( 2009, 22 min) Director and director of photography: Helle Toft Jensen, Editor: Oskar Fanta

Watch the film: (22 min) (danish)

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NU SKAL DU HØRE ! – i lufthavnen / på værftet

The two films are produced in collaboration with CO-Industri, with Lotte Rømer as a consultant. The films aim to put hearing-loss and problems with tinnitus on the agenda.

( 2005, 2 x 14 min.) Director: Helle Toft Jensen. Camera: Morten Bruus. Editor: Rikke Malene Nielsen. Music: Sten Ørting.

Watch the film ( 25 min) (danish)

The Football School

Documentary drama about Serbian Dejana and Muslim Jasmin who love to play football and would like to go to football school. The film is from a Danish reconciliation project in Bosnia: Football schools where children from the different ethnic groups meet, play and play together. Slowly they break down prejudices about each other and realise that “the others” might not be as bad as their parents have told them..

(2005, 25 min.) Script: Gunvor Bjerre. Director: Lars Gudmund Hansen, Production: Lisbeth Lyngse. TV2 Denmark, SVT Sweden, NRK Norway, Bosnian, Croatian, Syrian and Albanian TV

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Ancestors on-line

The two young musicians Busi and Jimmy have been sent on a tour of Zimbabwe by Savannah Arts to research and gain inspiration for the group’s next performance. Along the way they meet chiefs, traditional healers, gays, a spiritual medium and a dream interpreter. They visit Busi’s grandfather in the rural areas and take part in a ceremony for the dead.

(2000, 104 min./ 58.30 min. / 2 x 28.30 min. version) Directors: Helle Toft Jensen in collaborations with Prudence Uriri. Producer: Signe Byrge Sørensen, Editor: Iben Niegaard. Sound: Henrik Jørgensen.

(DRTV, SVT,YLE, and the Danish Film Institute)

The Danish Film Institute – about the film

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The film follows the singer, musician and composer Lotte in the midst of a major challenge in her life: her hearing capability falls dramatically and she has to let go of the life as she knows it. She chooses to use her skills in a new way.

(1999, 38 min) Director: Helle Toft Jensen in collaboration with DR TV( NRK, Islandic TV). Music : Sten Ørting

Watch the film ( 38min) (danish)

Era so isso… 

In 1995, Operation Day’s Work supported school building in northern Mozambique. In collaboration with a photographer from Mozambique, Spor Meida, produced a slide show about the situation of young people in Nacaroa, a village in Nampula province.

Watch the slide how (14.15 min)

Okwiyamba / Joint effort 

With fundings from the school building project Oosikola, the villagers in northern Namibia decide that they will no longer wait for the government to build a new school. The process results in a beautiful new school building. “Okwiyamba” is the local word for “joint effort”, but the joint building process was not free of challenges. Some find it difficult to contribute to the common fund and there are discrepancies between the perceptions of gender.

(1998, 33 min) Director: Torben Vosbein, Photography: Ben Tsuob and Simon Wilkie. Editor: Tania Hagen

Produced for IBIS


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Fading away

A film about three people who have been diagnosed with the rare disease ALS and how they reconcile with life before death.

(1997, 57 min.) Director: Helle Toft Jensen. Photography: Jimmy Andreasen. Sound: Henrik Jørgensen. Editor: Iben Niegaard. Music: Sten Ørting (DR TV – Documentary).

Watch the film (57 min) (danish)

El Salvador on the move

The year is 1988 and the popular movement in El Salvador protests against the regime. We meet unionists and slum dwellers, human rights defenders in prison and a rural population in extreme poverty.

(1988). Sound / slide show. Photos and audio: Merete Hansen and Gitte Jakobsen. Drawings ETPAV. Editing: Torben Vosbein and Helle Toft Jensen. Produced in collaboration with WUS / IBIS.

Isabel returns  

Isabel returns to Chile at the age of 19 to see the country she had to flee from as a small child. The film is an independent follow-up of ISABEL c / o Denmark, and follows her personal process of finding her roots. 

(1993, 43 min.) Director: Helle Toft Jensen. Photo: Jimmy Andreasen. Sound: Henrik Jørgensen. Editor: Iben Niegaard. Music: Sten Ørting (The Danish Film Insitute)

The Danish Film Insitute – about the film

Watch the film (43 min)

Isabel c/o Danmark

Isabel is 15 years old, born in Chile, but raised in Denmark. Her family had to flee and now she lives in Ishøj with her mother. Isabel’s father is taken back to Chile and her brother is in prison. This makes Isabel question where she belongs. 

(1999, 28 min) Director: Torben Vosbein and Helle Toft Jensen ( TV2, The Danish Film Institute and SVT). Co-production with five latin-american producers.

The Danish Film Institute – about the film

Watch the film (spanish version)  (28 min.)

LIV på trods

The film portrays four people from Mozambique and their experiences living in a country torn apart from war.

(1989, 36 min.) Sound slide show by Torben Vosbein (sound) and Helle Toft Jensen (photo).

Produced for WUS

 Watch the film (36 min.) (danish)

Little adults

Denmark seen through the lense of three children from Guatemala. (Fiction).

( 1984, 3 x 12 min. Produced in collaboration with DRTV. Director, photo and sound: Torben Vosbein and Helle Toft Jensen. 

Watch the film  (26 min.) (danish)

The shadow of the bomb

A portrait of the 12 year old boy Nobu from Hiroshima, Japan, and his hopes for a peacefull world. 

(1982, 16 min) slide show, produced in collaboration with DRTV. Director and photography. Helle Toft Jensen. Sound: Henrik Jørgensen

Watch the film (16 min) (danish)

The children of the revolution

The film follows four children who take part of the alphabetization campaign in Nicaragua, one year after the revolution.

(1981, 41 min.) Director: Helle Toft Jensen og Michael Mogensen, Photographer : Ulla Boje Rasmussen, Sound: Henrik Jørgensen. Editor: Kasper Schyberg. Produced by Hanne Høyberg with support from Danida and Statens Filmcentral.

The Danish Film Institute – about the film


Watch the film (41 min.) (danish)

”Free the Mother Country – or die”.

Eyewitness of the 1979 Nicaragua Revolution.
Michael and Helle’s personal tale of the last months of the liberation struggle against dictator Somoza and his US-backed dictatorship.

(1979, 59 min.) By: Michael Mogensen & Helle Toft Jensen. Photo : Michael Mogensen. Sound: Henrik Jørgensen. 



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