SPOR MEDIA collaborates with organizations in Latin America and Africa. Through different projects, we seek to give children and young people a voice and enable them to influence their own future.

We collaborate with cultural organizations that use cultural expressions to enhance children’s and young people’s confidence and knowledge, as well as rights-based organizations focusing on marginalized and stigmatized youth.


Through training and art, children and young people in the slums of Nairobi avoid the dangerous life in the streets and get opportunities for the future.



In Peru, schools have been closed for a long time as a result of Covid-19. That is why the young participants now use the internet to learn how to make films.



Our partner in Bolivia works with vulnerable children and young people through theater and drama. A new project will help to prevent domestic violence.


Spor Media supports PV’s work with Adolescent and Young People in Namibia, focusing on marginalised and stigmatised groups.


Spor Media and Nafsi Africa are running a cultural project for young slum dwellers in Nairobi. As part of the project the youngsters visit the Kenyan countryside and learn about climate change and climate adaption. Their teacher is Kisilu Musya who is tha main caracter and co-instructer of the documentary “Thank you for the rain”. 

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