Spor presently supports Positive Vibe´s work with Adolescent and Young People (AYP, the 15-24 age group) in Namibia, with a focus on marginalised and stigmatised groups, e.g. young LGBT individuals, young Sex Workers (SW’s) and young People Living with HIV (PLHIVS). Spor also support the enhancement of PV’s resource mobilisation capacity for its own work and its capacity and methods to support partner organisations in their resource mobilisation work.

During the last 12 years, PV has developed into a leading regional capacity building and grant management organisation with a large network of partners across Africa. Its key focus area is on work with those community members most othered/stigmatized, in particular LGBT persons, Sex Workers and People Living with HIV (PLHIV). Its work with Adolescent and Young People (AYP) in Namibia includes the following key areas:

1)Support the growth of agency, capacity, voice and literacy of movements for change to address structural barriers to human rights achievement, with a specific focus on those AYP most marginal and vulnerable – this include support for informal groups and organisations within the movement, e.g. training addressing stigmatization and self-stigmatization, training related to Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Rights (SRH-R) issues, strategy development, training of youth citizen journalists, cultural activism, capacity development, local level influence and advocacy work.

2) Work with traditional authorities and religious leaders to address structural and cultural barriers to human rights attainment, e.g. isolation, forced conformity to traditional norms and corrective religious indoctrination.

3) National level advocacy work with the government to address structural barriers to human rights achievement, e.g. criminalisation of sodomy and sex work, lack of protective laws for LGBT persons, strengthening the differentiation of SRH-R programmes for LGBT and SW AYP, and address issues around LGBT in schools.

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