Torben Vosbein

Producer/administrator tel.: +45 2126 6133,

email: vosbein(at)spormedia.dk.

AT THE AGE OF 12 I wrote short articles about Africa to be read aloud in class and a few years later I continued my global engagement through culture sociology.

But I was more interested in practice than theory and became a crane operator, youth club assistant and teacher at my ‘own’ efterskole, which specialised in trips abroad.

An AV production course in 1980 put images and sound on the agenda. It was all about opening windows onto the great big world outside, about sound and slide productions and documentary films from the South.

I became the coordinator of an international communication network (Zebra) and produced material for the educational website Distant Neighbours.
Insight, understanding and commitment were still very much in focus, helped during the last ten years by dedicated young people from various cultural groups in the South via the Global Kids project.

Gitte Jakobsen

Journalist/culture generator tel.: +45 2093 0036,

email: gitte(at)spormedia.dk

MY PASSION is to make the World a smaller place – in our minds, at least.

I love thinking up new ways of giving children and young people greater understanding of other parts of the world and experiencing how we humans are very much alike – even though we may look very different.

As a journalist I have been doing communication and development work since the 1980s.

I lived in Namibia for three years, during which time visited several other countries on the African continent. I have also made numerous visits to several countries in Latin America.
Of the many projects I have worked on, GLOBAL KIDS has been the most fun so far.

I have a Diploma in Strategic Communication from the Danish School of Journalism/CBS, as well as a Master’s degree in Communication for Development from the University of Malmö in Sweden.

Helle Toft Jensen

Film director, tel: +45 6132 0940,

e-mail: helle(at)spormedia.dk

LIFE COME WHAT MAY – is invariably one of the sub-titles of my films, and the desire to make the World a better place is what makes me tick.

My first trip to Africa was my launch pad into the world of the media.

On a work camp to Kenya at the age of 19 I got the opportunity to see the world in behind all the clichés, see myself in the dreams of the little girls I worked with and understood that we are made of the same stuff, despite the fact that the opportunities we get are so very different. I’d love to make a film about that!

For me it is crucial that my lead characters are the subjects – and not objects – of our camera. They speak their own language, and it is their problems, conflicts and visions we must take example and learn from.

I want to pass on understanding of a faith in change – at both a personal and a societal/global level.


Korthe Lund Barfod

Accounts tel.: +45 2299 0044,

email: korthe(at)spormedia.dk

All-round accounting and administration, responsible for everything in that department. Estimates, budgets, payments, book-keeping, etc. After many years in the film and music business, project accounting is now my speciality.

Carsten Norgaard

Project designer and – manager, Fundraiser, Productivity trainer and coach, Fundraising trainer. tel.: +45 91879621

email: cfnorgaard@gmail.com

I have spent my adult life doing solidarity and development work with oppressed and marginalised groups. For many years mainly liberation movements in Southern Africa and the Middle East, in the last 15 years mainly stigmatized and “othered” groups like People Living with HIV, LGBT+ and Sex workers. I have lived and worked in Southern Africa and Palestine for nearly 30 years, but am now based in Esbjerg. I have worked in various solidarity organisations, and had management roles in Oxfam Ibis, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the International HIV/Aids Alliance and Positive Vibes. In my new role in Spor from early 2018 I am mainly holding the collaboration with Positive Vibes in Namibia while also supporting Spor’s resource mobilisation work and the resource mobilisation work of Spor’s Southern partners.

Oskar Fanta

Editor. Tel.: +45 23889878

email: oskar.fanta@gmail.com

It is in the editor room a good story finds its final form and rhythm. The interaction between images, words, sound and music can really create something unique, and is something I always find exciting. 

And then it is all about finding the appropriate technical solution to finish – whether it is a more complicated task like ‘motion graphics’ and ‘color grading’ or just to share the final product with the world – by a link or as a large master file. 

I came to Denmark in 2008 . Since then I have been a part of Spor Meida as an editor, technician and teacher on various projects.