Ayllu Audiovisual – Building common areas

Mateo Salado is one of the most important archeological monuments in Lima, the capital of Peru. Around 100 years ago, the five pyramids in the area represented the administrative and ceremonial center for the Ychma culture (pre-Inca).

Today, ordinary houses and buildings have been built close to the pyramids, and there is even a school in the area. The population density in Mateo Salado is high, and if you have money, this is usually not the place you would choose to live.

In the area, the cultural organization ‘Comúnespacio’ (‘Common Place’) works to provide the area’s children with leisure activities and future opportunities. They have been assigned a corner of the archeological site where they invite the children to different cultural workshops. Through the project Ayllo Audiovisual, they have been able to offer an additional activity. Young people in the area will learn to use film and video to portray their own reality, and together with parents and other adults they will make a museum for the local area.

 Peru has been hit hard by Covid-19. The schools have been closed since March, and will not reopen until 2021. Many children have been sent to the countryside to family members in the hope that they can find something to spend their time on and avoid the dangers of the big city. However, Ayllo Audiovisual has adapted quickly. The teaching now takes place digitally and the target group has been expanded to teachers who have difficulty handling digital learning. The museum will also be made digital and in 2021 the children’s products about their reality during the pandemic will be shared. 

Partner: Comúnespacio

Project period: 2020-2021

Donor: CISU

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