Film education in Bolivia

In Bolivia, Spor has partnered with a young film team to use film as a medium to connect schools with local


El Alto, Bolivia, foto: Gitte Jakobsen

Miradas Juveniles III

Miradas Educativas (Educational Outlooks) prepared a comprehensive manual and continued training at teacher training colleges around the country. The project culminated in June 2017 with a grass roots film festival   – AyniVisual – which took place simultaneously at four localities in the country. Miradas Juveniles III: 2016-2017.

Miradas Juveniles II

Youth in El Altos learn to tell their stories through the use film. Miradas Juveniles organized the first grassroots film festival in Bolivia and introduced the film prize “The Golden Mule”. Miradas Juveniles II: 2013-2015.

Miradas Juveniles I

Teachers and students from El Altos learn to use film as a means of social inclusion and participation in order to contribute to social change. Miradas Juvelines I 2011-2013.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers follows a group of young actors from Bolivia on tour in Denmark. The film was directed by two young film makers from Spor Media´s Miradas Juveniles project in Bolivia.