– Film Greenhouse for young people in El Alto, Bolivia

Since 1989, SPOR MEDIAs  partner in Bolivia – the cultural organization COMPA – has been an important focal point for many children and youngsters in El Alto. They have learned to see themselves as people with potentials rather than “indigenous” constrained by the lack of resources. They have learned to be on stage, do theater and play music.


In addition, COMPA is known by many schools in the area, as the organization has been teaching children about their rights through creative activities.


In 2011, COMPA started the project Miradas Juveniles – teaching children and youngsters to relate to their own reality through the use of film. A team of dedicated young filmmakers went to local schools and taught students and teachers to work with audiovisuals. The most dedicated youngsters were offered additional training in COMPAS cultural house. The project promoted social integration and participation for social change. It ended with El Alto’s first youth film festival in late 2012.

In collaboration with: COMPA.

Project period: 2011-2013

Supported by CISU

Poster: Miradas Juveniles I