Vida sin violencia – Life without violence

For many years, Teatro Trono has been doing socio-political theatre with children and young people from El Alto near La Paz, the capital of Bolivia. Over the years, hundreds of young people have participated in cultural activities in the Teatro Trono’s colourful culture house made out of recycled materials. Through performing arts, young people learn to express themselves, they gain self-confidence and change their self-perception from ‘poor and uneducated indigenous’ to creative agents of change.

In the project ‘Vida sin violencia’, Teatro Tronos’ young women and men will develop a model that will help prevent gender-based violence. Through creative processes, they will increase their awareness about violent conditions, and the young artists will be able to take on the task as role models in their local communities. Through theatre, young people will become aware of the wide range of issues related to gender-based violence and be provided with tools to uncover and prevent violent situations. Subsequently, they will visit schools in socially disadvantaged parts of La Paz and share their knowledge with thousands of children and young people.

Bolivia is one of the countries with the highest rates of violence against women in Latin America. Until now, public campaigns have primarily focused on getting women in violent relationships to seek help and report crimes. ‘Vida sin violencia’ is a preventive activity that reaches children and young people in socially disadvantaged areas.

Partner: Compa/Trono

Project period: 2020-2021

Donor: CISU

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